Intestinal Surgery

Intestinal Surgery Information

From the mouth to the anus, it is one continuous path, any problem tends to present itself with local, upwards (vomiting) or downward (constipation, diarrhea or bleeding) manifestations.   Understanding this concept makes it easy to understand the need to seek medical attentions to diagnose and treat the problem.

The Small intestines:

The duodenum is a separate entity but it has the same diameter an d structure, it is C shaped 12″ segment from stomach to ligament of Trietz where the small intestines start.   The small intestines are 5-6 meters long.   There is where digestive enzymes digest the food, absorb the products of digestion where it gets carried to the live to be processed via the portal vein

Most commonly performed procedures are

Lysis of Adhesions, or cutting scar tissue from previous surgery that cases blockage

Resection of part of the intestine due to lack of blood supply or strangulation

Resection of tumors of small or large intestines

Resection of part of the intestine, large or small due to perforation or infection