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Providing affordable procedures at the major hospitals of Bakersfield, California. Call (661) 323-9448 for more information.

MiXto® Fractionated CO2 Laser For Skin and Facial Rejuvenation With CW Technology

Dr. Michael provides the following procedures:

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • All insurance providers (except BFMC and Kaiser, only emergency), Medicare, Kern Family, IMG
  • Cash
  • Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards (3% will be added to credit card charge)
    credit cards
  • Only Cash or Credit Card for Laser and aesthetic Treatment

If you are uninsured, do not be discouraged. If you are in good health with average weight and need elective surgery, affordable financial arrangements are available with Dr. Michael and some institutions.   The fees can be 10% to 20% 0f what hospitals may charge.  The most common are hernias and Gall Bladder surgeries.
Our goal is to help patients by providing the appropriate and necessary surgical procedures for the treatment of the problem.   The patient is provided with clear comprehensive consultation and clear explanation of the nature of their health problem and the required treatment whether surgical or conservative.  The highest standard of care is provided at the major hospitals of  Bakersfield and Surgical Centers.